PT16. Artificial Resets

Initial publication L. Hartmann, S. Zillien, S. Wendzel in [1].
Illustration The pattern PT16 Artificial Resets is embedded by a CS that causes a connection reset of third-party nodes, whose connection states are observed by one or more CRs. The pattern is a protocol-aware timing pattern.

So far, the pattern has only been described for an indirect covert channel.
Context Network Covert Timing Channels -> Protocol-aware
Evidence see [1]
Implementation features the first known implementation and is based on the IoT protocol CoAP.


[1 ] Laura Hartmann, Sebastian Zillien, Steffen Wendzel: Reset- and Reconnection-based Covert Channels in CoAP. In: Proc. European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference (EICC 2021). ACM, DOI: 10.1145/3487405.3487660

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